Day Fourteen (July 12th): It’s certainly ironic that almost none of our students have accounts, but today only proved that you don’t have to be on social media to appreciate the monumental force that is Facebook. We visited their headquarters for lunch and a tour. One of our 2004 alumni Eric Shadowens works here in […]

My Goodness, My Guinness…

Day Thirteen (July 11th): Next on the list of our adventures was…the Guinness Storehouse and Factory tour! This location at St James’ Gate has brewed since 1759 and their museum is shaped like a massive pint glass. We ate breakfast first and then headed down to the quays on the Liffey to tour the facility! […]

Tiny Dancer

Day 12 (July 10th): We are slowly starting to wrap up classes this week. No one can believe how fast time has been flying by. In class, all of the students presented on Irish or Irish-American figures of their choice. Counselors Miles and Taryn were blown away by their preparedness and humor. Several students also […]

A Giant of a Day

Day 11 (July 9th): Despite a brutally early wake up and a short breakfast, today is universally regarded as one of the most exciting and rewarding days of the trip. This is a day that almost becomes spiritual as students immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Our destinations today were in Northern Ireland! Our […]

Howth It Going

Day 10 (July 8th): Breakfast today went as breakfasts usually do — featuring the hurried munching of cereal, grumbles about the other students staying here who had eaten all of the waffles, and students slowly rousing themselves from their stupors. Once sufficiently awake, it was time to get going. We hopped on our bus to […]

Hey, Big Spender

Day Nine (July 7th): The moment we have all been waiting for is here. The long anticipated results of the staff thrift shopping contest. Out of respect for all the contests I am not posting pictures unless threatened with pain of death. Needless to say, humiliation was the end goal. To explain more — the […]

Sticking it to the Man

Day 8 (July 6th): Everyone has successfully packed and loaded their things onto the bus and left the dorm rooms nigh on spotless. Bidding a fond farewell to Waterford and Newtown, we move on to new adventures. En route to Dublin we visited the Irish National Heritage Park at Ferrycarrig. We were greeted by our […]

Cashel Me Outside

Day 7 (July 5th): This was probably one of our earliest days so far as we boarded the bus at 8:30. Our first destination was Cahir Castle which is the ancestral home of the Butler family. Cahir overlooks the River Suir and is encased by thick stone walls from which two cannonballs still protrude. A […]

The Fort of July

Day 6 (July 4th): This was a very busy day! We started with an early breakfast full of protein-y goodness to sustain us for the day ahead. Our jam-packed schedule started at Charles Fort which is a 17th Century star-shaped fort on Kinsale harbor. Charles Fort was designed to be almost twice as large as […]

Baking You Crazy

Day 5 (July 3rd): We started off with the fourth day of lessons! Today was more of a laid back day to complement our extremely hectic and fast paced week so far. The sunny weather just will not relent, and students aren’t sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Allison asked […]