Gaelic Language-8 Hours

Study basic Irish language, grammar, and vocabulary.  You will also have the chance to hear Gaelic spoken firsthand throughout your journey, especially when you visit the Aran Islands where Gaelic is still their first language.

Irish American History-8 Hours

Learn how Ireland and its historic culture was formed, dating back to 2500 BC including:  Pre-Celtic Ireland (c. 2500 BC)-Early Christian Ireland to the Vikings (c. 458-900)-The Normans and Ireland (c. 1200-1400)-Daniel O’Connell and Catholic Emancipation-The English and the Anglo Irish in Ireland-The Famine and Emigration (c. 1850)-From Rising to Independence (c. 1916-1922).

Irish History-8 Hours

Learn how the Irish originally helped American settlements and how it still affects American culture, with a focus on:  Ulster Men and Women Emigrate to Colonies (c. 1750)-The Famine and Mass Emigration (c.1860-1900)-The Irish and the Towns (New York, Boston, Chicago)-“From Shanty to Lace Curtains”-The Irish Join the Middle Classes-The Irish Contributions to the United States-Famous Irish Men and Women.

Irish Literature-8 Hours

Study of the Irish writers, playwrights, and poets including:  Paul Durcan, Brian Friel,  Seamus Heaney,  James Joyce, Hugh Leonard, Frank O’Connor, Liam O’Flaherty, JM Synge, Oscar Wilde, and WB Yeats.

Irish Studies-8 Hours

Study of the currency, education, and genealogy, geography of Ireland; the European community, law, media, politics, and social concerns.

Dance-5 Hours

Learn, participate in, and enjoy the traditional folk dances of Ireland.

Drama-5 Hours

A study of contemporary Irish drama.  Students will be assigned to groups and given historical Irish figures, study them, write a limerick, and prepare a creative group performance.