The Chain of Events

Day 4 (July 2nd): The students had their third day of classes with Angie and Mike and Miles, and because the weather has been so gorgeous for the past few weeks, they were able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and breeze for part of it. Students have been saying “Dia duit” to me […]

Game Faces

Day 3 (July 1st): If I haven’t mentioned before, our group of students is absolutely incredible and despite only having had their introduction to the world of GAA yesterday, today they took to the game at Croke Park like fishes to water! But before play came work and students sat down for the second day […]

It’s Always Sunny in Glendalough

Airport Day Through Day 2 The first few days of the ILE often blend together due to the different time zones and the sheer exhaustion of everyone in question. The stormy weather we experienced Thursday delayed a few student’s flights unfortunately, but everyone has arrived arrived safely as of Saturday (June 30th)! Our first jaunt […]

We’re Going on an Adventure!

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Dudley and I’ll be one of your junior counselors for the ILE18, as well as the resident blogger! I am an alum of the 2015 ILE, which I went on during the summer before my senior year of high school. Now I am a junior at Cazenovia College (in […]