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While the Irish Life Experience is not a cheap program it is an important investment that will continue to reap rewards for many years to come…

Introducing Michael Meaney-Your 2019 Gaelic and Irish History Teacher

Hello All, My name is Michael Meaney and I’m from Carlow, a small County in the south-east region of Ireland. I am a Post Primary (High School) teacher working in Carlow. My main subjects are Irish and European History, Geography, and P.E. I worked as an Archaeologist before I qualified in teaching, so I have […]

#ILE15 Draw to a Close

It is our last full day in Ireland! We cannot believe how quickly this trip has gone by. Johanna and Molly said that they were going to cry all day because they were so sad that our trip was almost over. The students had a free day. Many of the ILE’ers went exploring the shopping […]

Cows with Guns

We woke up to lashing rain this morning and as we looked out the window we thought, “Oh No!” It was bucketing down and today was our day to go to Inish Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands. We put the Child of Prague in the garden-the story goes that when you do this […]


Our second day in Galway started a little bit earlier than most of our mornings on holiday. The first bus trip of our relatively laid back day led us to Dan O’Hara’s Cottage. Our guide, Martin, led us up the Connemara countryside to a turf bog. He explained the process and reasoning behind using the […]

Periwinkle Anyone?

We have officially been in Ireland for 20 days! Alice and Ally can’t believe how quickly the days are flying by. Our first morning in Galway started with the arrival of our good friend and bus driver, Brian, from Burren Coaches. As we loaded onto the bus, Brian greeted us by playing the #ILE15 theme […]

Galway Bound

We’re onto our last lag of our trip: Galway! The students were very busy this morning packing up their things and cleaning their apartments in Killarney. At half nine, all the students were on the bus, ready for yet another adventure. Many of the students were up late the night before doing dishes and having […]

#ILE15 Spirit Names

Today we were all at the bus at half nine for our Mini Ring of Kerry Tour. Our informative bus driver, Tom, took us first to Ross Castle, where students were allowed to explore the castle grounds which rested upon the edge of one of Killarney’s lakes. The weather today was a bit grim, but […]

Dingle Done Right

Waking up in a new town is always exciting, especially now that classes are done. The kids woke up on Wednesday and made their own breakfasts and packed lunches for the day trip to the Dingle Peninsula. The students loaded the bus at half nine. The weather was beautiful. They started the day out with […]