The Craic is Mighty

Today the heat wave in Ireland continued and we woke to glorious sunshine once again. It was also the last class day today-there was weeping and wailing until the kids realized that wey hey-it’s holiday time! During Irish literature class, Angie took both groups to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while she read them […]

Cool, Wow, Awesome!

And yet another day waking up to sunshine and happy smiling faces at breakfast. Today was a class day and the penultimate of our ILE 2013 Program-hard to believe we only have one more class day to go then holiday time in Killarney and Galway! Woo hoo! The kids started the day with a healthy […]

A Giant of a Day

We had an early start this morning-6:00 AM, but the King’s Hospital Kitchen Staff pulled out all the stops with Cheerio’s for breakfast. We all enjoyed the meal in silence before hopping on the bus for the long journey north. First stop when we got over the border was the new Titanic Exhibition in Belfast […]

Deadly Days!

Today started with classes bright and early. Angie treated the group to a workshop on WB Yeats and a little bit about James Joyce. Riley was left speechless (For once.) by the tale of Nora Barnacle. Dan covered some of Ireland’s forgotten heroes in Irish history class-Daniel O’Connell (“A wonderful guy.” © Ellie Kincaid) and […]

Voice of an Angel

Here are some tunes from the ILE’s favorite new singer-Laura Moynihan!

Heat Wave

Back to normal today as all of the students woke for breakfast for 8:30 AM. Class started with Irish literature with Angie. The students took a look at WB Yeats-one of Ireland’s most well known and writers. Angie spoke about Yeats’ love story with Maud Gonne, which we all know did not end up being […]

Up the Dubs

Sunday morning in Dublin-finally a lie in for everybody. A choice was given to all of the students to sleep in until lunch at 12.30 PM if they wished. The vast majority begrudgingly (!) accepted this, but there were a few who refused. Some students decided to go to Mass and Dan the Man drove […]

Hip Hip Hooray for a Great Day!

Top of the morning! Today started out like any other normal class day. Breakfast was served bright and early and classes started at 9 AM. In Scones’ Gaelic Class, students learned the words for right (deis), left (cle), hand (lamh), foot (cos), red (derag), yellow (bui), green (glas), and blue (gorm) and played Gaelic Twister. […]

Winning Limericks

The students had to write limericks in their drama groups last week and the ILE Team chose three winners-Caroline, Tiernan, and Chris. Congratulations!They won Cork flags in honor of Scones’ home county. Up the Rebels! James Joyce was an Irish writer, Compared to his middle class family, he was much brighter. “Dubliners” is his volume […]

Green Lightening

Dia Duit! On Friday, we took tours of Cahir Castle and Kilkenny Castle. They were equally impressive in terms of the historical significance, but they couldn’t have looked more different. The tour of Cahir Castle was a little more laid back and we were lucky to have an entertaining tour guide who kept the mood […]