A Giant Day of Exploration

Despite a brutally early wake up and a short breakfast, this trip is universally regarded as one of the most exciting and rewarding days of the trip. The students immerse themselves in the beauty of nature in Northern Ireland. This is their first introduction to the Northern part of the country, which is technically part […]

A Croke of Genius

As I look back on the events of Tuesday, the 9th, I am so proud of the students. We had a jam packed day, from start to finish, and they all responded so well. After breakfast, the kids had two classes in the morning. At 10:30, we loaded the bus to head into town for […]

A Day For The Dead

Hello friends and family! Another day, another typical breakfast. The kids munched on plain cereal and toast, wishing for waffles and pancakes. Afterword, Angie and Taryn taught a couple of morning classes before we embarked on our adventures for the day. We loaded the bus at 11:15 and set out for Kilmainham Gaol, the location […]


Good day to you all! To update you on the events of Saturday, July 6th, the day was mostly spent on the grounds of King’s Hospital. The kids had class all morning and then lunch at 1:30 PM. After lunch they had free time until dinner. Many of the kids spent their time at the […]

On The Road Again

After another hearty breakfast at Newtown, the kids re-packed all their belongings and loaded their suitcases onto the bus. Off to Dublin we go! King’s Hospital, another boarding school located on the outskirts of Dublin, will be our outpost until the 13th. This location is slightly more modern than the previous and multiple schools are […]

Happy Fourth of July from Ireland!

We had a fun-filled day on the 4th of July, starting with breakfast and a bus trip to our first destination-Cahir Castle. Cahir overlooks the River Suir and is encased by thick stone walls from which two cannonballs still protrude. There was even a scene of Braveheart filmed here. Next up, we toured the Rock […]

A Beautiful Day In Cork

Hello friends and family! Thank you for staying tuned along our journey through Ireland. We have been busy bees the last couple of days, so I am catching up with this post, covering the events of 7/2/19 and 7/3/19. The first half of Tuesday the kids took classes. They covered more Irish History with Michael […]

So Many Activities

Thus far, this day has been the students favorite. As usual, today started with a lovely breakfast at 8:30. Right after, we jumped right into a full day of continuous activities. The kids had an Irish History Class with our dearest, Michael Meaney, followed by Irish Culture with Taryn. Immediately after classes, we learned the […]

A Hurling Good Time

The students were introduced to the world of GAA, as we had the opportunity to watch the county Wexford Hurling team win their first Leinster title in 15 years, beating Kilkenny in the final. For the unfamiliar, Hurling is the national game of Ireland slightly resembling a mix between hockey and lacrosse. Wooden paddles are […]

Stepping Into Day Two

Day 2: Breakfast by half eight, as the Irish say, was the beginning of our activity filled day. Next, the students experienced their first day of classes with the marvelous Angie Mervyn. The subject was Irish Literature and they covered some of the earliest Celtic legends and authors. After the morning class session, the kids […]