Good day to you all!

To update you on the events of Saturday, July 6th, the day was mostly spent on the grounds of King’s Hospital. The kids had class all morning and then lunch at 1:30 PM. After lunch they had free time until dinner. Many of the kids spent their time at the Liffey Valley Shopping Center, a quick ten minute walk away from the school. After dinner, we all reconvened for drama and dance. The students are becoming wonderful Irish dancers! In our drama groups, we discussed our final projects. Each team were given a prominent person in Irish History, and they have been tasked to create a presentation on each character. The only stipulation to this project is that it must be historically accurate and around 5-7 minutes long.

In the evening, the school held a disco for the different student groups. Many of the kids dropped in, to mingle with some of the international students. Then it was a prompt bedtime of 11:45.

Tuesday morning started with a quick breakfast at King’s Hospital before our lovely tour of EPIC-The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin. As we walked from one interactive room to the next in this modern museum, Ireland’s history unfolded before our eyes. Each room took us through Ireland’s rich tapestry of history.This modern museum kept the students engaged and they seemed to enjoy each exhibit.

After the tour, we sat through a genealogy workshop, teaching us the proper ways to trace family history. We were also given access codes to several sites, to research family history for free. I will be posting those codes in a separate post.

Then the students were given free-time to explore Dublin for a couple of hours. They loved being able to walk around Grafton Street and the surrounding area and many picked up a few souvenirs for family and friends from home.

For our evening activity, Miles arranged Counselor Olympics. The kids split into three groups and they competed against each other for a series of games. The games included transferring a lifesaver between players with a toothpick, passing an orange using only their necks, human tic-ta-toe and several others. As the Irish say, it was great craic and the kids were hilarious.