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Christine Moriarty-2018

The freedom, the fun, the laughter, and the experiences changed me that summer of my 16th year. I gained life-long friends and…

Irish Books-A Novel-ty

PS, I Love You

As winter is just around the corner, here are some books we recommend that you can snuggle up to in the next few months…


Good day to you all! To update you on the events of Saturday, July 6th, the day was mostly spent on the grounds of King’s Hospital. The kids had class all morning and then lunch at 1:30 PM. After lunch they had free time until dinner. Many of the kids spent their time at the […]

Gummy Bananas, Anyone?

Following breakfast in Newtown, it was straight into morning class. The students had a quick chat about the Leinster Hurling Final and then it was back into neolithic Ireland and its burial traditions. After Irish history it was straight into Irish-American history. In this introductory lesson the students had a group task based around their […]

Newtown Boarding School

Counselor Tyler has been having quite a lot of fun getting aerial views of some beautiful areas in Ireland. We wanted to share with everyone how truly beautiful the campus of Newtown Boarding School is in Waterford. What a deadly shot!

A Day in the Life of an #ILE15 Student

Today started off like most days with breakfast at half eight and class at nine. Professor Miles talked today about Irish influence in America and how that has affected the American presidency. Did you know that half of US presidents have ancestors from the Emerald Isle? Kennedy, Reagan, and even our current president, Obama, all […]

Waterford “I Can’t Afford That” Crystal

Students woke up this morning and looked out the window and boy, was it a crystal clear day! Once again, everyone thought about how lucky they were to be experiencing this amanzing adventure on the Emerald Isle. The students headed to class where Angie taught the students about James Joyce and his fascinating life. Evan […]

Introducing Alex McKinnon-Your 2014 Male Counselor

Alex (Also known as El Nino or Ninny in the office.) is very excited to join the Irish Life Experience Team this summer after getting to know Taryn and hearing her many passionate stories about the program and the people. Currently working for a sister company of the Irish Life Experience, Go Blue Tours; Alex […]