It’s The Final Countdown

Today is our last day in Galway– cue the sniffles and tears. The kids had a full free day in the city, in the midst of the art festival. It was lively and extremely busy downtown, and the kids were soaking it all up! Most of the girls went to the Thomas Dillon Shop, the […]

Let the Rain Pour Down

Of all days, today was the day we were most hoping for nice weather and it just so happened to be the rainiest day we have encountered on this trip. We had our tour of the Aran Islands today, and it is typically toured by bike. The morning started off with a slight drizzle, so […]

A Slean Day

Despite the lack of sun, the day began temperate and continued that way. The sky was washed with grey clouds but instead of dulling the natural beauty of Connemara, it enhanced it. We took a pit-stop near a lake so we could try and capture some of the beauty. Now, Connemara is not a county […]

Not a “Burren” Day

We traveled deep into the Burren of county Clare on Wednesday, the 17th. The Burren is a very distinctive landscape of exposed rock, mostly limestone. Many plant species and wild flowers grow in the nooks between exposed plates, creating a gorgeous composition. Underneath the surface of the Burren, there are huge systems of undiscovered caves […]

The Final Stretch

“We Made It to Galway!” Many of the students cheered as we pulled into the vibrant city. This portion of the trip is always the student’s favorite. They get to experience the funky and hip city, which also has the youngest population in Ireland due to the university. There is also an art festival taking […]

Dingle, Dolphins and Drives

This morning we all ate breakfasts in our respected apartments and hauled ourselves onto the bus for an early day into the Dingle peninsula. It was a very similarly scenic day to yesterday. For our first stop, we spent a brief 15 minutes in the actual town of Dingle. This quaint beach town is known […]

Ring Around the Kerry

Sunday, July 14th, the day began with beautiful blue skies and the day only increasingly got warmer. We lucked out with the beautiful weather on our tour day of the Ring of Kerry, or part of the ring to be precise. We got started in the small town of Kenmare. Now, Kenmare is a very […]

Farewell Dublin

Sad to be leaving Dublin but excited for our next adventures, today we bid a happy farewell to King’s Hospital. Our Dublin accommodations full of fun, discos and vending machines. Starting in Killarney, the students begin to experience what we fondly call “vacation” which means no more classes, slightly later wake-up times and a relaxed […]

Ireland’s Got Talent

Upon arriving to our first destination, Facebook International Headquarters, the kids were asked if they had a personal account on this particular social media platform. Ironically, the majority of the students did not, but it didn’t minimize their appreciation for the monumental force that is Facebook. One of our 2004 alumni Eric Shadowens works here […]

A Giant Day of Exploration

Despite a brutally early wake up and a short breakfast, this trip is universally regarded as one of the most exciting and rewarding days of the trip. The students immerse themselves in the beauty of nature in Northern Ireland. This is their first introduction to the Northern part of the country, which is technically part […]