We had an early start this morning for our first long road trip of the tour. And what a place to visit–Cork, home of Michael Collins, Henry Ford, and Shona “Sconees” Linehan. Legends all.

Our first stop was Kinsale harbour, where we emerged out of the mist to storm Charles Fort. This is a massive 12 acre Citadel used to defend the South of Ireland from the sea. Unfortunately, the only time it was attacked was from the land and the defenders capitulated pitifully. Possibly because they had no gunpowder, but 40 tonnes of wine in the magazine.

The weather cleared up enough for everyone to enjoy a stroll around picturesque Kinsale, the Gourmet Capital of Ireland. Fortified by some top notch seafood, Gru and Ignacio-AKA Nacho-did some heavy lifting to help Tom, our bus driver, make a pretty tight (And not very legal.) U-turn. From there it was onwards to Cork City, by the banks of my own lovely Lee.

Just before we parked the bus, Scones showed everyone the Elysian–Ireland’s tallest building. The kids had three hours to explore the island’s second biggest city. Not nearly enough time to see all the chips on the shoulder but still plenty of fun. The girls in particular enjoyed the shopping while anyone who wandered up to the famous English Market would have been well fed.

There were some pretty sleepy heads on the bus home, so we stopped in Youghal-location of the filming of movie Moby Dick and former home of Sir Walter Raleigh, the man who introduced the potato into Ireland. Thanks Walter. Ellie won the prize of a 99 for being able to pronounce “Youghal,” probably despite Marco’s best efforts.

When we got back to Waterford, Scones made a desperate attempt to introduce Gaelic Football to the group. Yikes! Looks like tomorrow’s GAA will be a barrel of laughs. In Seth’s words “I’m tired, I’m going to bed.”

It’s “Y’All” by the way, which came as a surprise to the Southerners on the trip.

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  1. LOVE the blog! Please keep posting – and including the wonderful pictures. It is a treat to get news of the group, and I am sharing it daily with Ellie’s grandma, who is in the hospital and greatly cheered by stories from Ireland, her favorite place in the world 🙂

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