Charles Fort-Kylene 2019

Kylene B.-IW 2019

My name is Kylene Berna and I am from Georgetown, Delaware.  I am currently studying at La Roche University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am a motivated student working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.  I possess skills involving organization, responsibility, and good communication.  I have proven successful working in fast-paced and collaborative settings.  Most of my hobbies include anything to do with art.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, watching movies, and I have a strong passion for traveling.  

The Irish Way is an amazing life-changing experience.  This program gives students the opportunity to not only travel, but to learn and engage in the Irish culture, create a long-term family, friend relationships with others, and explore the magical green lands of Ireland.  Words can not describe this journey, but it is truly inspiring.  I went on the 2019 Irish Way and I absolutely fell in love with Ireland.  I felt that this was my home away from home and the program fulfilled my dreams and more.  Today I even have a Celtic tattoo, along with my first name in Gaelic.  I have also taken the opportunity to continue my journey in Ireland with the Irish Way by becoming a Junior Counselor for the summer of 2022.  I can’t wait to meet everyone and travel with this special program again.  Please reach out to me with any questions you might have.