Born and raised in the Rebel County of Cork, it was only natural that Shona started playing GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) from a very young age. Training for both local Camogie and Gaelic football teams, as well as taking up Irish dancing after school, Shona was always enthusiastic about participating in and learning about traditional Irish pastimes. She furthered her knowledge of the Irish language, songs, and stories from spending her summers in Irish colleges on the southern coast of Ireland. Having spent so long being as a student, Shona finally got the chance to work for an Irish College in Co. Kerry. Shona is now studying Business Studies at the University of Limerick, but got the opportunity to work for eight months in 2011 in Boston with Tenon Tours where she got to meet the fabulous Taryn and was first introduced to the Irish Life Experience. She is eagerly awaiting the summer of 2012 where she will finally get the chance to meet the entire ILE Team that help make this experience unforgettable and the new students that will be involved in this year’s amazing adventure.