The students started off the morning with a delightful breakfast. Again the popular Rice Krispie cereals accompanied by orange and apple juice are always a big hit. Pierce took it upon himself to have three massive helpings. After brekkie, it was onto the second to last day of class.

Michael started off class with Voice Avenue and finished with Chris Brown’s, “With You.” Before the end came though, Michael taught the students about James Joyce and WB Yeats. Anna M. and Garrett agreed that Yeats was a pedophile. Anna M. also told us that our bus driver from the day before taught the kids about the 1916 Rising that began on Easter Monday and lasted for six days. It was the first major demonstration of force since the United Irishmen rising of 1798. Among the men leading the force was James Connolly and Padraig Pearse. Padraig Pearse is also one of the main drama groups, so the kids were familiar with him. The United Irishmen led a 1,000 man force and took over several buildings in Dublin despite the odds. It’s considered to be the first act towards the Irish Independence. Wrapping up the classes Michael talked to the kids about US Presidential visits to Ireland and how it’s a rather big deal when it happens. Angie was next with her Irish literature and the students finished James Joyce and WB Yeats in prep for the GPO (General Post Office) and the Kilmainham Gaol Tour the next day. Both are historical areas for the Easter Rising and Yeats and Joyce were once there leading the way. Scones finished up the day with a little Irish bingo and the kids were off to lunch.

For lunch we had chicken sandwiches and chips. Dee-lish! The first time since touching the Irish soil, the students had real ketchup. “Small, but a rather satisfying gesture,” said Lauren. We also had a potato salad at the salad bar, as well as some delightful coleslaw. Abby and Rose were lucky enough to get seconds on fries, before the lunch ladies copped on that they had already had a helping previously. After lunch it was free time. Most went to the mall and did some shopping. While at the mall, Abby and Rose got some Tangtastics for Mama T. Rose also mentioned that a guy came up and sat next to me and started telling her about his life. He sat on the bench, while his wife went shopping. “Because that is what men are supposed to do,” he told Rose. He worked in construction and he uses his hands… Life lessons are found around every corner on the ILE. Lauren and Anna M. stayed in and drew as well as hung out in the lobby with one another. Peirce also stayed on campus, where he sang a few songs with Miles. Abby also let us know that because today was 7/11, she was missing free slurps back in the states and a little tear ran down her check.

Then it was half five and time for dinner. Tonight was rice and chicken or rice and beef. I think many would say it was a 50/50 split tonight on the selection among the team. After dinner, the students had until seven to relax and enjoy the campus. Some drew some landscapes and tractors with Casey in the office, while others used the time to shower and get ready for a night out to the movies. Angie and Casey walked the students over to the movies and the two options for the night were Despicable Me 3 and Spider Man. Four of students went to Spider Man and eight went to Despicable Me. Upon return, the Spider Man reviews were 100% and even rotten tomatoes had nothing to say about the movie. However, the Despicable Me crew, were not impressed. Instead they thought that the fist movie was the best one and got worse. From there it was off to bed and another’s day adventure to look forward on #ILE2017.