Past Testimonials

While they probably feel old by now, we still love them and just can’t bring ourselves to replace the valuable testimonials from those below! When Taryn asked me to share my thoughts about the Irish Life Experience program, I was stumped. I had no idea where to start! So many memories were made, laughs shared, […]

From student to counselor

It is somewhat difficult to describe one of the most transformative experiences of my life, but what Taryn Harrison asks, I do willingly. Going to Ireland under the guidance of Taryn and Angie is truly an eye-opening experience. Having participated as a student in 2002 and then coming back as counselor in 2008 were equally […]

When strangers became friends

My trip to Ireland was an amazing experience that provided me with many memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. It opened my eyes not only to the richness of Irish culture, but also to the vastness of my own country. I became close friends with people from places like Canada, Washington, […]

An enlightening experience

I feel lucky and blessed to have experienced a comprehensive and amazing trip to Ireland at such a young age. Traveling around the magical country of Ireland was the most enlightening experience of my life and Taryn and Angie made it even more enriching. My experience in Ireland with these two stunning women taught me […]

The Summer that Changed My Life

My 16th summer was the summer that changed my life. That was because, It was the summer that I fell in love,not with a person, but with my culture and my heritage. It was the summer that I spent a month in Ireland with some of the greatest teachers, and the greatest people I have […]