After a long and eventful Saturday in and around Dublin, all of the ILE’ers had the chance to lie in Sunday morning. With an optional breakfast, a few popped in for cereal, toast, and OJ, but most decided to sleep right up to the 11:30 AM bus departure. With tired eyes, we were off to […]

Adventures in Dublin

Saturday was one of the busiest days to date for ILE ’14 with an array of different tours, venues, and adventures spanning a 14-hour period. With the bus arriving at 9 AM, the students and staff had a quick breakfast to help them wake up and get ready for the long day. The first destination […]

Famine Letters

In Brigid’s Irish American history class, the students had 10 minutes to imagine themselves immigrating to the the US during the Famine and write a letter back home to their families. Brigid was truly impressed with some of the student’s creativity and they expressiveness. Brendan, Caitlin, and Rocky’s were her favorites. She wanted to share […]


We woke up to blue skies and sunshine this morning! The students were excited for some “summer-like” weather. Today was another class day, so the students were a little bummed when they had to spend such a lovely morning inside the classroom. Nevertheless, it was well worth it. Brigid had a class discussion on the […]

US Prevails During the ILE’s World Cup!

The students woke to another structured class day on campus. After breakfast they got their first taste of Irish (Gaelic language class.). Alex, even though learning Irish through English, which is only his second language, nailed the basics straight away. With so many students in the class learning Latin they were able to decipher certain […]