YOIIO-You’re Only in Ireland Once!

Hello ILE Families and Friends! On Tuesday, students had their second day of classes. The morning began with a breakfast of bread, cereal, and fruit-followed by Dan’s Irish history class. In Dan’s class, they learned about Cú Chulainn, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Newgrange, and St. Patrick. In between Irish history and Irish studies, students were able […]

Introducing Kevin Shpritzer-Your 2012 Male Counselor

Hey Gang, Kevin here. I’ll be one of your Counselors for the upcoming Irish Life Experience Program, and I am pretty psyched about it. In the real world, I am finishing my 9th year as an Elementary School Teacher and living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Working with the younglings is fun and all, but I’m looking […]

More Helpful Advice from ILE 2011 Alumnae, Fiona Tomlin

Hey! I’m back! Although Ryan did a superbly thorough job of filling you guys in on some ILE essentials, I would like to add a few things. (From a girl’s perspective.) Fiona’s ILE Survival Guide for Girls: 1. Bring a small bag that is easy to carry around that fits your wallet, a digital camera, […]

Helpful Advice from ILE 2011 Alumnae, Fiona Tomlin

Hi 2012 ILE’ers! I’m Fiona Tomlin, an ILE 2011 Alumnae from San Diego. Let me first of all congratulate you on your acceptance to the ILE! Right now June may seem far off, but trust me, the time of your life is right around the corner! I am so excited for all of you! Now […]